run “bin/nutch”; You can confirm a correct installation if you seeing the following: Usage: nutch [-core] COMMAND. This is a tutorial on how to create a web crawler and data miner using Apache Nutch. It includes instructions for configuring the library, for building the crawler. command referenced from the official nutch tutorial. . $NUTCH_HOME/urls echo “” > $NUTCH_HOME/urls/

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In this section, we are going to cover the installation and apaceh steps of Apache Nutch. So we will first start with the installation dependencies in Apache Nutch. After that, we will look at the steps for installing Apache Nutch. Finally, we will test Apache Nutch by applying crawling on it. Apache Nutch comes in different branches, for example, 1.

The key difference between Apache Nutch 1. In the latter, Apache Nutch developers create a crawl script that will do crawling for us by just running that script; there is no need to type commands step-by-step.

Crawling with Nutch

I have used Apache Nutch 2. Tutoorial steps for installation and configuration of Apache Nutch are as follows:. Download Apache Nutch from the Apache website.

You may download Nutch from http: You can extract it by typing the following commands:. You can get it from http: HBase is the Apache Hadoop database that is distributed, a big data store, scalable, and is used for storing large amounts of data. It provides modular and linear scalability. Read and write operations are very consistent. Then we can log in to our database and access it according to our needs.

We now need to extract HBase, for example, Hbase. Go to the terminal and reach up to the path where your Hbase. Then type the following command for extracting it:.

Now we need to do HBase configuration.

Apache Nutch Website Crawler Tutorials

First, go to hbase-site. Just make sure that the hosts file under etc contains the loop back address, which is Otherwise you might face an issue while running Apache HBase.

Specify Gora backend in nutch-site. Make sure that the HBasegora-hbase dependency is available in ivy. Put the apacne configuration into the ivy. Make sure that HBaseStore is set nytch the default data store in the gora. Put the following configuration into gora. Go to Apache Nutch home directory. Go there and type the following command from your terminal:. This will build your Apache Nutch and create the respective directories in the Apache Nutch’s home directory.

It is needed because Apache Nutch 2.

The Apache Nutch 1. So in that, this stage is not required. The tree structure of the generated directories would be as shown in the following diagram:.

The preceding diagram shows the directory structure of Apache Nutch, which we built in the preceding step. The runtime and build directories will be newly generated after building apache-nutch The rest of the directories already exist in apache-nutch The following directories are listed:. The build directory contains all the required JAR files that Apache Nutch has downloaded at the time of building. The conf directory contains all the configuration files which are required for crawling.

The docs aoache contains the documentation that will help the user to perform crawling. The tutorila directory contains the required configuration files in which the user needs to add certain configurations for crawling. The runtime directory contains all the necessary scripts which are required for crawling. The src directory contains all the Java classes on which Apache Nutch has been built. Ant is the tool which is used for building your project and which will resolve all the dependencies of your project.

It will fetch the required JAR files from the Internet by running the build. You need to define all the dependencies in build. So when you type ant at runtime, it will search for the build. You have to install Ant if it is not installed already. You can refer to http: Make sure HBase is started and is working properly. To check whether HBase is running properly, go to the home directory of Hbase. Type the following command from your terminal:.

This completes your installation of Apache Nutch. Now you should be able to use it by tutlrial to the bin directory of Apache Nutch. The local directory contains all the configuration files which are required to perform crawling. The tuutorial for crawling also resides inside this directory.

The runtime directory contains the local directory and the deploy directory. Once Apache Nutch is installed, it is important to check whether it is working up to the mark or not. For this, a verification apacbe is required. The steps for verifying Apache Nutch installation are as follows:. Go to the local directory of Apache Nutch from your terminal. Type the following command here:.

We have now completed the installation of Apache Nutch. It’s now time to move to the key section of Apache Nutch, which apahe crawling. Crawling is driven by the Apache Nutch crawling tool and certain related tools for building and maintaining several data structures. It includes web database, the index, and zpache set of segments.

Once Apache Apach has indexed the web pages to Apache Solr, you can search for the required web page s in Apache Solr. The steps for crawling are as follows:.

Add your agent name in the value field of the http. We will define different properties nutcn this file, as you will see in the following code snippet. Add the following configuration into nutch-site. Find HTTP agent value as follows. You can specify any value here. Apache Nutch requires this value while crawling the website.

Go to the local directory of Apache Nutch. Create a directory called urls inside it by following these steps:. Now create the seed.

This is the URL which is used for crawling. The format of the URL would be http: You can comment by putting at the start of the line. An example would be as follows:. This file is used for filtering URLs for crawling. As you will see shortly, we have applied crawling on http: For example, if you wish to limit the crawl to the nutch. Apache Solr is a search platform which is built on top of Apache Lucene.

It can be used for searching any type of data, for example, web pages. It’s a very powerful searching mechanism and provides full-text search, dynamic clustering, database integration, rich document handling, and much more. Follow these steps for installation of Apache Solr:. Download Apache Solr from http: To open this file, go to the root directory from your terminal and type the following command:. This classpath variable is required for Apache Solr to run. When you start Apache Solr, it will search for this variable inside your.

Go to the example directory from your terminal. You will find this directory located in your Apache Solr’s home directory. You will get the image of Running Apache Solr on your browser, as shown in the following screenshot:.

In the above steps, we have installed Apache Nutch and Apache Solr correctly.


A Closer Look at the Four Pillars of Heroic Leadership by Chris Lowney. What are the Jesuit leadership secrets? How did individual Jesuits become leaders and. heroic-leadership-3d Chris Lowney’s landmark first book, Heroic Leadership, was a # 1 ranked bestseller of the CBPA, was named a finalist for a Book of the. of poverty, chastity and obedience to the Jesuit general in Rome, Chris Lowney Lowney’s years in business revealed that leadership challenges, “Heroic Leadership” is a book which lay out a leadership approach that.

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curis After living for seven years as a Jesuit seminarian, practicing vows of poverty, chastity and obedience to the Jesuit general in Rome, Chris Lowney was transformed into a corporate man as an investment banker at JP Morgan. Heric noticed that many up-and-comers with raw talent and sheer ambition, either were terrified of making major decisions, or terrorised anyone who dared make a decision without them. Some were good at managing only numbers and not human beings and most were uncomfortable with change and taking personal risks.

As he wrestled with the challenge of developing successful leadership in the corporate environment, Lowney was drawn to think back to the leadership lessons he had learnt from the Jesuit company during his time as a Jesuit priest. He realised that this year old company had grappled quite successfully with many of the challenges confronted by companies today, including how to institute a degree feedback loop, forging seamless multi-national teams, motivating inspired performance and remaining change ready and strategically adaptable.

Jesuit explorers were among the first Europeans to cross the Himalayas and enter Tibet, to paddle to the headwaters of the Blue Nile and to chart the Upper B River. Jesuit astronomers and mathematicians were among the leading scholars in Rome, China, France, Asia and Africa. The Jesuit founders launched their company loweny a complex world that had changed as much in fifty years as it had over the previous thousand years — a similar rate of change that is experienced in the world today.

Its 21 professionals run institutions in more than a hundred countries. So why have the Jesuits been so successful and what can this religious company teach business today? What often passes for leadership today is a shallow substitution of technique for substance. Most literature on leadership today focuses on what leaders do. Consult any of the current works unlocking the mysteries of leadership and management and you will see a long list of outputs that we want leaders to deliver, such as establishing direction, aligning people, motivating and inspiring and producing change.

Despite all we know about what leaders should do, our societies and companies in general have a shortage of quality leaders.

In contrast the Jesuit team does not tell us much about what leaders do or what they achieve, but they have a lot to say about who leaders are, how leaders live and how they become leaders in the first place.

In this way Jesuits offer a leadership model that flows against the tide of most contemporary leadership models.

It rejects quick-fix approaches that equate leadership with mere techniques and tactics. It finds leadership opportunities not just at work, but in the ordinary activities of everyday life. The Jesuits approach leadership in a totally different leafership revealing 4 main differences from modern leadership theory:.

The Jesuit vision that each person possesses untapped leadership potential cuts against the grain of the corporate top-down leadership model. Think of what is lost and imagine the power of capturing that potential.

The Jesuits threw aside the blinders that forced people to focus only on those in command and developed every recruit to lead. Everyone is a leader, and everyone is leading all the time powney sometimes in immediate, dramatic and obvious ways, but more often in subtle, hard-to-measure ways.

Who invented the yardstick that measures some as leaders and others as merely teachers, parents, friends or colleagues? And what are the dividing lines? Chhris one have to influence at least a hundred people at a time to be a leader, or will fifty do? Or what about twenty, ten or even a single person? Or within a year? Are there not also leaders whose impact is barely perceptible within their own lifetimes, but hdroic itself generations later through those they raised, taught, mentored or coached?

The confusion stems from an inappropriately narrow vision of leaders as only those who are in charge of others and who are making a transforming impact and who are doing it in a short amount of time. But this model of bh, immediate, all-transforming leadership is not the solution, it is the problem. The Jesuit model reveals that everyone has influence, good or bad, large or small, all the time. A leader seizes all the available opportunities to influence and make an impact. Circumstances will present a few people with world-changing, defining-moment opportunities, but most will enjoy no such big time opportunities in their lifetimes.

Leadership should not be defined by the scale of the opportunity but by the quality of the response. No one ever became an effective leader by reading an instruction book, or learning one-size-fits-all rules. Rather, a leaders most compelling tool is who he is: Leadership leacership develops naturally once this internal foundation has been laid.

Vision is intensely personal and is the hard-won product of self-reflection: What do I care about? What do I want? How do I fit leaedrship the world? They take root when subordinates see managers take a personal interest in the purpose and it springs from within them.

The techniques of how neroic win buy-in from your team and fashion long term goals can amplify vision, but can never substitute for it. Leadership is not a beroic, not a role one plays at work and then puts aside during the commute llwney in order to relax and enjoy real life. Leadership is real life.

Your way of doing things should flow from your worldview and priorities. By knowing what you value and want to achieve, you will always be able to orientate yourself in a new environment, and adapt confidently to unfamiliar circumstances.

Personal leadership is a never ending work in progress that draws on continually maturing self-understanding. The external environment evolves and personal circumstances change, as do personal priorities.

Some personal strengths erode, even as opportunities arise to develop others. All these changes demand consistent balanced growth and evolution as a leader. The strong leader relishes the opportunity to continue learning about self and the world and looks forward to new discoveries and interests. The Jesuits trained every recruit to lead, convinced that all leadership begins with self-leadership that springs from personal beliefs and attitudes, therefore, each person must first decide what personal leadership legacy they want to leave behind.

Heroic Leadership : Best Practices from a 450 Year Old Company That Changed the World

The Jesuits success was based on four guiding principles which can clearly be identified in their words, actions and writings. These four principles infused their work and achievements and leap from their writings and dominated their carefully mapped training programme.

These four leadership principles guided individual Jesuits and formed the basis of Jesuit corporate culture. Leaders thrive by understanding who they are and what they value, by becoming aware of unhealthy blind spots or weaknesses that can derail them, and by cultivating the habit of continuous self-reflection and learning.

Only the hheroic who knows what he wants can pursue it energetically and inspire others to do so and herooic those who have pinpointed their weaknesses can conquer them. Leaders invest significant time and money to acquire the professional credentials and skills needed to succeed. Leaders need to invest equally in their human skills and their capacity to lead.

Heroic Leadership Quotes by Chris Lowney

No one lacking the requisite technical skills would naively waltz into a company and expect to succeed. Leaderehip the world becomes an even more complex place and change takes place faster than ever, it becomes increasingly clear that only those with a deeply ingrained capacity for continuous learning and self reflection stand a chance of surfing the waves of change successfully. An introspective journey should involve: Decreasing birth rates in developing countries since the s is creating a worldwide war for talent that will only worsen over time.

Instead of accepting greater numbers of recruits into the society to deal with the staff shortages, the society founder Ignatius Loyola was most concerned about admitting people too freely and so made the screening process even more selective. Recruits underwent a longer, more rigorous orientation than any other religious order or commercial enterprise.

While these actions did bottle neck efforts to reinforce operations and many opportunities slipped through their fingers in the short term, they remained committed to personal development. This may have seemed counterproductive, but what transpired was far from a loss of momentum. Instead, membership swelled from 10 members into inand more than by The Jesuits realised that an organisation can grow only as fast as available capital, talent and leadershi capacity to oversee the growth.

Many an enterprise has imploded from unsustainable growth. Their reputation for selectivity, high standards and outstanding results was precisely what attracted the most-talented recruits. Or paradoxically, the Jesuits kept growing rapidly, by not growing too rapidly.

The Jesuits realised that ongoing success depends on turning recruits into leaders. Solve that problem and the leaders you have moulded will solve all other problems. Management and leadership pioneer Peter Drucker writes on the ramifications of our changing economy, particularly the technology driven shift toward leadershop knowledge economy.

In the past bosses gave out tasks and employees just needed to follow orders and performed the assigned tasks. This is not so today. Work roles have become largely self-managing. With fewer supervisors to give direction, most workers are on their own most of the time, independently prioritising and ploughing through responsibilities.

In a more competitive and changing marketplace, companies must respond with increasing speed and urgency, further decentralising decision making to workers.

Skills once critical only leadersship top management have become essential for everyone. Each employee is increasingly leadedship self manager, making decisions on his own. With the accelerated pace of change, roles and tasks change constantly, requiring continuous judgement and the ability to learn on the job.

Individuals who thrive in this environment are those who can learn, innovate, exercise good judgement, take responsibility for their actions and take risks.

These skills come from self-understanding, not vocational training.

Heroic Leadership – A Summary – Tomorrow Trends – Tomorrow Trends

Daniel Goleman, in his research in managerial self-awareness, has noted that the more senior ones role within an organisation, the less hy to success are intellect and technical skills compared with the bundle of skills making up emotional intelligence. According to Goleman, emotional intelligence is made up of 5 core competencies:. Self-regulation — the ability to control or redirect disruptive impulses and moods, to think before acting. Social chrsi — proficiency in managing relationships and building networks; to find common ground and build oowney.

Most companies today want to find people with these skills, but these skills do not show up on a candidates CV. The Jesuits are one company that chrjs look for emotional intelligence potential in candidates and then crafted a program to engender it in recruits.

Rather than cycle through self-awareness approaches haphazardly, the company developed and promoted one universal tool for all Jesuits: Each Jesuit recruit emerged from his initial day Spiritual Exercises programme with invaluable personal strengths.

Developed by the Jesuit founder Ignatius Loyola, they were called Spiritual Exercises as they are actions to be done not rules to be studied.

The individual undertaking them is like an athlete building his own internal resources. Each individual needed to work through the exercises on his own, with only the help of an impartial director to guide him through his experience.

This is because all men are more delighted and moved by what they find out for themselves than what they are taught by others.


Tach Allerseits, vielleicht gibt es Kollegen, die diese Liebeserklärung an die deutsche Sprache noch nicht kennen. Deutsche Version. “The Awful German Language” is an essay by Mark Twain published as Appendix D in A On October 31, , Twain delivered a lecture titled “Die Schrecken der deutschen Sprache” (“The Horrors of the German Language” in English). Buy Die Schreckliche Deutsche Sprache the a by Mark Twain (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.

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Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Bernard Bailyn is, justifiably, the lead batter on this team of notable historians. This first installment of The Great Republic is a go-to book for. Bernard Bailyn was born in Hartford, Connecticut, in , and did his undergraduate work at Williams College. He began his teaching career at Harvard.

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Book review: The Great Republic | Richard Subber

The Great Republic aims to narrate and interpret American history around a central structure of several overarching themes: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem?

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Published January 1st by Little Brown and Company.

The Great republic : a history of the American people

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Thr ask other readers questions about The Great Republicplease sign up. Lists with This Book.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Sep 10, Richard Subber rated it it was amazing. The Great Bernwrd is a powerhouse collection of sincerely researched expositions on so many aspects of American history that you think you know.

Be prepared for an education.

The Great Republic: A History Of The American People

Bernard Bailyn is, justifiably, the lead batter on this team of notable historians. This first installment of The Great Republic is a go-to book for historians and students of history. Great overview of US history. Patjboyle rated it liked it Feb 19, Hannes rated it it was amazing Jul 04, Elsa Sanchez rated it really liked it May 20, Chalen Kelly rated it liked it Jul 10, Paul rated it really liked it Aug 05, Michael rated it liked it Jan 14, Michael Block rated it it was amazing Jul 28, Chris Doherty rated it really liked it Mar 01, Jeet Jyoti rated it it was amazing Aug 01, Priyanka Biswas rated it it was amazing Nov 06, Davide rated it really liked it Oct 26, Wkwv rated it really liked it Nov 27, Ruth Helman rated it it was amazing Mar 20, Michael Richmond rated it liked it Dec 06, Larry Cockrell rated it really liked it Jan 18, Augi rated it liked it May 11, Carl rated it it was ok Jun 04, Samuel rated it really liked it Oct 24, Jack rated it liked it Jul 06, Alfred Hawkins rated it it was ok Apr 10, Katherine Stephanis rated it it was ok Dec 22, Mark rated it really liked it Jul 09, Rachael rated it it was ok Oct 17, Kara rated it really liked it Jul 01, Greg rated it really liked it May 17, Demmy rated it really liked it Jul 22, Michael Kilpatrick rated it liked it Feb 16, Randy rated it liked it Dec 23, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Bernard Bailyn is an American historian, author, and professor specializing in U. Colonial and Revolutionary-era History. He has been a professor at Harvard since Bailyn has won the Pulitzer Prize for History twice in and Books by Bernard Bailyn.

Trivia About The Great Republi No trivia or quizzes yet. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


ISOMEROS DE LA GLUCOSA 1) ISOMERISMO D Y L: La Read more about glucosa, isomeros, carbono, estructura, isomero and variante. GLUCOSA EPIMEROS 2 6cw lp eCB wD eq{DB}{DS}ie 16 px sg r1begin al neg rO CB dp gs OB 0. Monosacáridos Estructura Aldosas DSt 18 26 85 D-Glucosa aldohexosa más abundante. Monosacáridos Estructura Aldosas Hexosas 4 átomos quirales. GLUCOSA EPIMEROS 6 8ne{bW pDA}{dL SA 0 put.

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Por ejemplo, los compuestos de acuerdo con la invencion son utiles para el tratamiento de la diabetes, el smdrome metabolico, la obesidad, la enfermedad hepatica, la esteatosis hepatica, la enfermedad del hngado graso no alcoholico NAFLDla esteatohepatitis no alcoholica NASHla fibrosis hepatica, la dislipidemia, la hipertrigliceridemia, la hipercolesterolemia, la inflamacion, el cancer, las enfermedades cardiovasculares, la aterosclerosis, la hipertension arterial, las retinopatfas o las neuropatias.

For example, the compounds according to the invention are useful for treating diabetes, metabolic smdrome, obesity, liver disease, hepatic steatosis, Nonalcoholic fatty hngado NAFLDnonalcoholic steatohepatitis NASHliver fibrosis, dyslipidemia, hypertriglyceridemia, hypercholesterolemia, inflammation, cancer, cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension, retinopatfas or neuropathies.

Antecedentes e introduccion de la invencion. Background and introduction of the invention. La AMPK esta bien establecida como un sensor y regulador de la homeostasis de la energfa celular.

AMPK is well established as a sensor and regulator of cellular homeostasis energfa. La activacion alosterica de esta kinasa debido al incremento de los niveles de AMP ocurre en estados de disminucion de la energfa celular. Allosteric activation of this kinase due to rising AMP levels occurs in states of decreased cell energfa. La fosforilacion y por tanto la inhibicion de la ACC conduce simultaneamente a una disminucion de la smtesis de acidos grasos consumidora de ATP ya un incremento de la oxidacion de acidos grasos generador de ATP.

Phosphorylation and therefore inhibition of ACC leads to a decrease simultaneously the smtesis fatty acid ATP-consuming and an increase in fatty acid oxidation ATP generator. La fosforilacion y la inhibicion resultante de la HMG-CoA reductasa conduce a una disminucion de la smtesis de colesterol. Phosphorylation and resulting inhibition of HMG-CoA reductase leads to a decrease of cholesterol smtesis.

Otros sustratos de la AMPK incluyen la lipasa sensible a hormonas, la glicerolfosfato aciltransferasa, la malonil-CoA descarboxilasa. Other substrates of AMPK include hormone sensitive lipase, glycerolphosphate acyltransferase, malonyl-CoA decarboxylase. La AMPK tambien esta involucrada en la regulacion del metabolismo hepatico. AMPK is also involved in the regulation of hepatic metabolism. La produccion elevada de glucosa por el tngado es una causa principal de la hiperglucemia en ayunas en diabetes de tipo 2 T2D.

Elevated glucose production by the tngado is a major cause of fasting hyperglycemia in Type 2 diabetes T2D. La gluconeogenesis en el hngado esta regulada por multiples enzimas como la fosfoenolpiruvato carboxikinasa PEPCK y la glucosa fosfatasa G6Pasa. Gluconeogenesis in hngado is regulated by multiple enzymes such as phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase the PEPCK and glucose-6 phosphatase G6Pase.

La activacion de la AMPK suprime la transcripcion de estos genes en celulas del hepatoma. Activation of AMPK suppresses the transcription of these genes in hepatoma cells. La activacion de la AMPK tambien regula positivamente la gluconeogenesis actuando sobre la expresion de algunos otros genes.

Activation of AMPK also positively regulates gluconeogenesis acting on some other genes expression of.

La AMPK esta considerada como una candidata atractiva para absorcion de glucosa del musculo esqueletico inducida por contraccion porque se activa en paralelo con un aumento de los almacenes de AMP y una reduccion de los de energfa en forma de fosfocreatina. AMPK is considered as an attractive candidate for glucose uptake induced skeletal muscle contraction because it is activated in parallel with increased AMP stores and a reduction of energfa in the form of phosphocreatine.

La sobreexpresion epieros una subunidad de la kinase-dead alpha2 en musculo esqueletico suprime AlCAR, pero disminuye parcialmente la absorcion de glucosa inducida por contraccion.

Overexpression of a subunit of the kinase-dead alpha2 in skeletal muscle abolishes ALCAR but partially decreased uptake of glucose-induced contraction. Estos hallazgos sugieren que hay rutas adicionales que median la absorcion de glucosa inducida por contraccion.

These findings suggest that additional pathways that mediate glucose uptake induced contraction. A pesar de los estudios exhaustivos en los estfmulos aguas arriba que activan la AMPK, las investigaciones sobre el sustrato o sustratos aguas abajo de la absorcion de glucosa mediada por AMPK son escasas. Despite extensive studies on upstream stimuli activate AMPK, investigation on the downstream substrate gllucosa substrates of glucose uptake mediated AMPK are rare.

Hay artmulos mas recientes epimerso revelan que el sustrato de Akt de KDa AS es un sustrato importante aguas abajo de Akt que esta envuelto en la absorcion de glucosa estimulada por insulina.

PicHotGallery2018 | The Most Hot Pictures

More recent artmulos showing that Akt substrate of kDa AS is an important substrate downstream of Akt that is involved in glucose uptake stimulated by insulin. La fosforilacion de AS disminuye epimfros se glcuosa en respuesta al tratamiento con AlCAR en musculo esqueletico de ratones muertos en epimerso que se ha inactivado la expresion de las subunidades a2-kinasa y g3, y epimrros dominio catalftico de la subunidad a2 de AMPK. Phosphorylation of AS is decreased or deleted in response to treatment with ALCAR in skeletal muscle of dead mice in which the expression has been inactivated of a2-kinase subunits and g3, and glucsa domain of a2 subunit of AMPK.

Esto corrobora el hallazgo de una disminucion de la absorcion de glucosa estimulada por AlCAR en el musculo esqueletico de dichos ratones. This confirms the finding of a rpimeros uptake stimulated glucose Epimedos in skeletal muscle of these mice. Por lo tanto, AS parece ser una diana de AMPK aguas abajo al mediar la absorcion de glucosa en el musculo esqueletico. En conjunto, todos estos efectos metabolicos evidencian que la AMPK suprime la gluconeogenesis hepatica y la produccion de lfpidos, mientras disminuye la deposicion hepatica de lfpidos a traves de un incremento de la oxidacion de lfpidos, mejorando por tanto los perfiles de glucosa y de lfpidos en T2D.

Together, all these metabolic effects evidence that AMPK suppresses liver gluconeogenesis and production of lipids, while decreasing hepatic deposition of lipids through an increased oxidation of lipids, thereby improving glucose profiles and lipids in T2D. Mas recientemente, ha demostrado la implicacion de la AMPK en la regulacion del metabolismo energetico no solo a nivel celular sino tambien en todo el cuerpo.

Most recently, he has shown the involvement of AMPK in the regulation of energy metabolism not only at the cellular level but also throughout the body. Se ha demostrado que la hormona derivada de adipocitos leptina conduce a la estimulacion de la AMPK y por tanto a un incremento en la oxidacion de acidos grasos en el musculo esqueletico.

It has been shown that the adipocyte-derived hormone leptin leads to stimulation of AMPK and therefore to an increase in fatty acid oxidation in skeletal muscle. Se ha demostrado que la adiponectina, otra hormona derivada de adipocitos que conduce fe una mejora del metabolismo de carbohidratos y lfpidos, estimula la AMPK en el hngado y musculos esqueleticos.

It has been shown that adiponectin, another adipocyte derived hormone leading to improved metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids, it stimulates AMPK in the hngado and skeletal muscles. La activacion de la AMPK en esas circunstancias parece independiente del incremento de gglucosa niveles celulares de AMP, debiendose mas bien goucosa la fosforilacion por parte de una o mas kinasas situadas aguas arriba que todavfa estan por identificar.

Activation of AMPK in these circumstances seems independent of increasing cellular levels of AMP, being due rather to phosphorylation by one or more located upstream kinases todavfa are identified. Segun el conocimiento de las consecuencias de la activacion de la AMPK anteriormente mencionadas, se esperanan profundos beneficios de la activacion in vivo de la AMPK. Finalmente, el incremento en el gasto de energfa debena conducir a una disminucion del peso corporal.

Finally, the increase in spending Debena energfa lead to a decrease in body weight. Se lla que la combinacion de estos efectos en el smdrome metabolico redujera significativamente el riesgo de desarrollar enfermedades cardiovasculares. Esperana is that the combination of these effects in the metabolic smdrome significantly glucksa the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Muchos estudios epimero vivo han 15 demostrado los efectos beneficiosos de las administraciones tanto cronicas como agudas de AlCAR en roedores modelo de obesidad y de diabetes tipo 2. Se ha encontrado que, ademas del AlCAR, el medicamento para la diabetes metformina puede activar la AMPK in vivo a altas concentraciones, aunque se tiene que determinar hasta que punto su accion antidiabetica depende gpucosa 25 esta activacion.

It has been found that, besides the ALCAR, the diabetes drug metformin can activate AMPK in vivo at high epimerod, although it must be determined to what extent its antidiabetic action relies on this activation Como sucede con la leptina y la adiponectina, el efecto estimulador de la metformina es indirecto a traves de la activacion de una kinasa situada aguas arriba. As with leptin and adiponectin, the stimulatory effect of metformin is indirect via activation of a kinase upstream.

Mas recientemente, se ha descrito una pequena molecula activadora de la AMPK. More recently, it described a small molecule activator of AMPK. Este activador directo de la AMPK, denominado A, es una tienopiridona e epimros una disminucion in vivo de los niveles de glucosa y trigliceridos en el plasma.

This direct AMPK activator, named A, is a thienopyridone and induces a decrease in vivo levels of glucose and triglycerides in plasma.

Ademas de para la intervencion farmacologica, se han desarrollado muchos modelos transgenicos de raton en los 30 ultimos anos, y los resultados iniciales se estan haciendo disponibles actualmente.

In addition to pharmacologic intervention, many have developed transgenic mouse models in the last 30 years, and initial results are being made available today. La expresion de formas de la AMPK dominantes negativas en musculo esqueletico en ratones transgenicos ha demostrado que el efecto de AlCAR en la estimulacion del transporte de glucosa depende de la activacion de la AMPK, y por tanto que probablemente no esta causado por efectos no espedficos del ZMP.

The expression of forms of dominant negative AMPK in skeletal muscle in transgenic mice has shown that the effect of Alcar in stimulating glucose transport is dependent on the activation of AMPK, and therefore it is not likely caused by not you wpimeros effects ZMP. Estudios similares en otros tejidos ayudaran gluclsa definir mas las consecuencias de la activacion de la AMPK. Similar studies in other tissues will help to further define the consequences of AMPK activation.

Se espera que la activacion farmacologica glucisa la AMPK 35 sea beneficiosa para el smdrome metabolico con mejoras en los metabolismos de glucosa y lipfdico y la reduccion del peso corporal. It is expected that pharmacologic activation of AMPK 35 is beneficial to the metabolic smdrome with improvements in glucose metabolism and lipfdico and weight reduction. Para que un paciente cumpla con los requisitos del smdrome metabolico, tiene que cumplir tres de los cinco criterios siguientes: For a patient meets the requirements of metabolic smdrome, you must meet three of the following five criteria: Se ha mostrado que la estimulacion de la AMPK estimula la expresion de la protema desacopladora 3 UCP3 del musculo esqueletico y podna ser por tanto una manera de prevenir el dano de las especies reactivas de oxfgeno.

Pass complete!

It has been shown that stimulation of AMPK stimulates expression of the uncoupling Protema 3 UCP3 skeletal muscle and Podna therefore be a way to prevent damage from reactive oxygen species. Para inhibir el crecimiento celular y proteger las celulas frente a la apoptosis inducida por la inanicion de glucosa, la AMPK fosforila TSC2 en Thr El tratamiento de varias lmeas celulares Treatment of various cell lmeas.

Dos arriculos vinculan el tratamiento con metformina con un menor riesgo de cancer en pacientes diabeticos. Two arriculos link metformin with a lower risk of cancer in diabetic patients. Muchas celulas cancerigenas muestran un marcado incremento en la tasa de smtesis de acidos grasos de novo correlacionada con altos niveles de FAS.

Many cancer cells show a marked increase in the rate of fatty acid smtesis novo correlated with high levels of FAS. La inhibicion de FAS suprime la proliferacion de celulas cancerigenas e induce la muerte celular. Inhibition of FAS suppresses cancer cell proliferation and induces cell death. Por tanto, la activacion de la AMPK y la inhibicion de la actividad FAS son unas claras dianas para la terapia farmacologica del cancer.

Se ha observado que AlCAR atenua la production de citoquinas y mediadores proinflamatorios, AlCAR atenua en ratas modelo e in vitro la progresion EAE limitando la infiltration de leucocitos a traves de la barrera hematoencefalica BBBy recientemente se ha sugerido que los agentes de activacion de la AMPK actuan como agentes antiinflamatorios y que pueden tener un potencial terapeutico para la enfermedad de Krabbe un trastorno neurologico heredado.

It has been observed that ALCAR attenuates the production of cytokines and proinflammatory mediators, ALCAR attenuates in model rats and in vitro EAE progression by limiting infiltration of leucocytes across the blood brain barrier BBBand has recently been suggested that activation agents AMPK act as anti-inflammatory agents and may have therapeutic potential for Krabbe’s disease an inherited neurological disorder. La patente US 5.

carbohidratos by Izkra Hinojosa Herrera on Prezi

It is CH or N, and schizophrenia. La patente US 7. It is neither an aryl or heteroaryl, useful for the treatment of diabetes and obesity as AMPK activators group. B1 y B2 son grupos arilo o epijeros, utiles para el tratamiento de la diabetes y la obesidad como activadores de la AMPK.

B1 and B2 are aryl or heteroaryl groups, useful for the treatment of diabetes and obesity as AMPK activators. La presente invencion describe compuestos con la formula 1: The present invention describes compounds with formula 1: R1 representa un gucosa de hidrogeno o un atomo de halogeno; R1 represents a hydrogen atom or a halogen atom. R2 representa un grupo indanilo o tetralinilo, sustituido o no por uno o mas p. R2 represents an indanyl group or tetralinyl, substituted or unsubstituted by one or more eg.

R3 representa un grupo indanilo o tetralinilo, sustituido o no sustituido con uno o mas p. R3 represents an indanyl group or tetralinyl, substituted or unsubstituted with one or more eg.


: Ghalib key Khutoot (Ghalib ke Khutoot) (Volume 1) (Urdu Edition) ( ): Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib: Books. Ghalib ke Khutoot – Letters of Ghalib. Urdu-e-mo’alla (Volume 1) – Read on issuu. Powered by. Publish for Free. Powered by Issuu. Ghalib (Urdu: غاؔلِب , Hindi: ग़ालिब), born Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan 27 December .. Danish Iqbal’s play Main Gaya Waqt Nahin Hoon and Sayeed’s play Ghalib Ke Khutoot are still being performed at various Indian cities. The late.

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Kaghazi Nao Hamari Bhi Poetry. Irteza Karim Hardcover Edition: Kaifi Azmi Fun aur Shakhsiyat.

Nanak Namm Chardi Kala. I am grateful to be your customer. Thanks many times over! Wonderful items and service! I really like this website! I ordered a book for my mother and it came within a few days from India to NYC!! I was very pleased with the meticulous method of shipping.

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Buy Bosch DMF 10 Zoom Professional Metal Detector, LED Display . Browse our latest cable-metal-stud-detectors offers. Free Next Day Delivery. manual// Just make sure you get the professional blue model (DMF 10 zoom) not the similar looking.

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Discussion in ‘ Electrical Forum ‘ started by MurdochOct 19, Posting a message to the forum will remove the above advertisement.

Bosch DMF 10 Zoom Operating Instructions Manual (Page 11 of )

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I don’t mind paying a bit more for a good one! MurdochOct 19, I find the spec a little ambiguous: It says copper detected at a depth of up to 80mm, but then the user manual says live cables at a depth up to 50mm less if they’re not liveso how large does the copper need to be in order to detect it at a depth of 80mm?

I was hoping that there would be members who had experience of this product or similar!

mwnual I played with one ELEX it’s the dogs bits, like hand held penetrating radar, but the cost is hard to justify. Plus it will be high on the “tealeaf’s” target list.

Just make sure you get the professional blue model DMF 10 zoom not the similar looking but poor performing DIY green model? Last edited by a moderator: MarkieSparkieOct 20, MurdochOct 20, A very old post.

I know, I have just got a brand new one of these bosch detectors. The first thing I generally do is try it out above my light switches in home.

Managed to get it to find one out of four cable drops to light switches.

Bosch DMF 10 Zoom Operating Instructions Manual Page 11

I’ve had 5 different cable detectors over the years. This seems no better than the cheap ones that don’t work Maybe it’s something I’m doing wrong Surely there’s one decent cable locator on the planet?

TPESOct 6, MurdochOct 6, I don’t get it Why are they working so well in demo’s, in real life there crap! Do you think it’s something to do with the metal sheathing in front of the cable Different depths of plaster? Lighting in old conduit drops?

Bosch DMF 10 Zoom Manuals

I look after my gear and it doesn’t get thrown around, so not sure of what’s going on. RockingitOct 8, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet.

Users found this page by searching for: Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Installing hive Worcester Bosch.

Concrete or similar ducting to negate mm dig.


Od tamtego czasu FNLA była jedną z trzech sił biorących udział w wojnie The Cuban Intervention In Angola, – from Che Guevara to Cuito. Uploaded by. marcinkk · Ernesto Guevara – Kuba Wojna Partyzancka. Uploaded by. marcinkk · Claude Levi-Strauss – Smutek Tropikow. Uploaded by. marcinkk. wojna partyzancka This edition of Che’s classic work Guerrilla Warfare contains the text of his Ernesto Guevara, Brian Loveman, Thomas M. Davies, 2.

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The definition of guerrilla warfare in the dictionary is warfare involving guerrillas, in which traditional battleground tactics are ineffective. Educalingo cookies are used to personalize ads and get web traffic statistics. We also share information about the partyzanc,a of the site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. The situation in the West Bank and Gaza involves a military occupation amid urban guerrilla warfareanalogous to the British security measures in Northern Island, that hopefully will end with a cease-fire.

Meaning of “guerrilla warfare” in the English dictionary. Synonyms and antonyms of guerrilla warfare in the English dictionary of synonyms. Examples of use in the English literature, quotes and news about guerrilla warfare.

Raising kids is part joy and part guerrilla warfare. This edition of Che’s classic work Guerrilla Warfare contains guevars text of his book, as well as two later essays titled “Guerrilla Warfare: A Method” and “Message to the Tricontinental. In such cases, this could be a potent strategy for unsponsored revolutionary change.

But either as social history or military strategy this work remains a crucial work of our times. This book analyzes the nature and conduct of guerrilla warfare, and considers its implications for American policy.

Mao Tse-Tung, Zedong Mao, This special edition contains the two most important essays by Mao on guerrilla warfare tactics in a parytzancka, completely uncensored format.

Mao Zedong, Shawn Conners, The collected works in this volume examine the social roots of revolution, development of strategy and tactics, practice in city and countryside, dilemmas of attackers and defenders. Sam Charles Sarkesian, A new, authorized and revised edition of a classic s text on revolution by Che Guevara.

Urban Guerrilla Warfare traces the diverse origins of urban conflicts and identifies similarities and differences in the methods of counterinsurgent forces. You must learn the art of guerrilla warfare – ambush, sabotage, infiltration, deception – and fight a running battle through the war-ravaged The Challenge pargyzancka ….

Wojna domowa w Peru

And as they combated guerrilla warfare that included ambush, booby-traps as well as the effects of chemical weapons and defoliates employed Until now, it has seemed to fancy itself more like a conventional army, albeit one prone to guerrilla warfare. Until now, it has strived mightily fhe Its forces switch between conventional patyzancka guerrilla warfareusing the latter to wear down their opponents before massed fighters backed by But former General Jasim al-Bahadli said the army was not trained enough in guerrilla warfare to tackle Islamic State.

Only the Hashid Shaabi Some of his soldiers wanted to engage in guerrilla warfare from the hills.

English words that begin with g. English words that begin with gu.

Rewolucja na Kubie i kryzys kubiański by lucyna Drzewiecka on Prezi

English words that begin with gue. Load a random word. Discover all that is hidden in the words on.


The existing contents of Para (3) along with Annexure 2/9 of IRPWM , may be deleted and substituted with the following: . (3) Reference to Manual for . 1. INDEX OF ADVANCE CORRECTION SLIPS OF INDIAN RAILWAYS PERMANENT WAY MANUAL (IRPWM) – ACS No. Para(s) affected, File No. Date of. Download Irpwm English. Recommended. Irpwm English · IRPWM CS UP TO · IRPWM CS UP TO · English · English · English · English · English.

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R-1, R-2, R-3 routes replaced. Only stone ballast to be used. Nominal size ifpwm ballast as per specifications. Minimum depth of ballast cushion. Classification and use of released material. Accountal of released P. USFD testing of service rails.

Joggling of in-situ thermit welds. General location of LCs. Reference to AT Welding Manual — Note i to Para 2 b. Fixing of SR boards in multi Speed Restriction zone.

Table to Para 4 a. Choice of Sleepers for renewals. Protection of Track at level xing. Para renumbered as 4 a. Census of traffic at Level Crossings. Track tolerances for speeds between to Kmph- Standards of maintenance.

Duty of official incharge of material train. Dimensions of track profile changed. Provision of speed breakers on approaches of level crossings. It is very important that instructions contained thereon are carefully studied by the Permanent Way Eenglish connected with the laying and maintenance of track.

After passage of 8 GMT subject to a Maximum interval of six months as per table below: The frequency which caused defect generation rate more than 1 per km. Envlish Bd’s letter No. The following may be replaced in supersession of Advance Correction Slip No.

Irppwm equipments are portable accelerometers used for Oscillation monitoring using a portable accelerometer and transducers converting the oscillations to electrical signals which can be recorded electronically and processed on PC. The OMS Accelerometer is kept in the cabin of locomotive or on the coach enylish, as close to the bogie pivot as possible. It is preferable that same coach and the same vehicular position are used in successive runs.

The accelerations recorded are transferred to electronic recorder and are readable on irpqm LCD display on real time basis. The stored data can be downloaded on TMS Computer for maintenance planning. This equipment measures the Track Performance by measurement of vehicle response in terms of vertical and lateral accelerations.

The real time output of the equipment is in the form of value of peaks exceeding the limiting value, their location and Ride Index. These values are available for both vertical and lateral accelerations. The above schedule is only guidance.

Download Irpwm English –

Chief Engineers irrpwm vary it, depending upon the availability of instrument and its use. For the time being A, B and C routes are to be covered once a month and other routes can be covered as per capacity and need. To access the track quality, vertical and lateral acceleration peaks exceeding the values as below are to be considered: Other Routes engpish Kmph.

The above criteria are for judging the quality of track. However, if the average number of peaks of vertical and lateral accelerations exceeding 0.

All locations where peaks of lateral and vertical accelerations exceed 0. The following routes will fall under this category: Way Manual will stand corrected accordingly. The Para shall read as follows: Type of ballast in use – Stone ballast shall be used on all lines including points and crossings.

The following may be replaced in the Para. Under points and crossings 40mm gauge on square mesh sieve. Para engllsh a: The notes englisn the recommended minimum depths of ballast below the bottom of the sleeper at englishh rail seat shall read as follows: In case of SWR the recommended depth is mm.

Whenever primary renewals are carried out even on E routes, the minimum depth of ballast of mm shall be provided. M inimum depth of ballast under the rail seat of the sleepers shall be mm except under PRC sleepers where it shall be mm. T he existing Para 1 a may be replaced to read as under: They should then be classified by the Sr.

Tools and plant left over should also be classified and action taken on their disposal. A new Para 3 may be added, as below: If there is more than one work on the same route, near to each other and under similar ground conditions, only one set of yardsticks would suffice. List of materials likely to be released will be prepared indicating the quantum of such materials separately as second hand SH and scrap following the enblish given in Para 2 above.

This can be done by actual weighment of few representative samples.

Institution of Permanent way Engineers (India)

The yardsticks will then be approved by the Sr. The conversion to weight in case of each of the items for purpose of accountal will then be done by the Section Engineer P. Way on the basis of the specified percentage loss of weight over the new components. In case, however, some abnormal variation of weight is observed after the materials have been released and the percentage loss is more than that specified for that category, specific justification will have to be recorded for the same by the Senior Section Engineer P.

DEN after actual sample checking at site. In case however, the actual loss after release is seen to be lower than the yardstick the accountal will be done on the basis of the actual. After actual releases of materials, the Section Engineer P. DEN will also carry out random checks to ensure that the category and weight of releases are correct to the maximum possible extent. The returns will be specifically prepared on the basis of instructions given in para-2 above.

In cases where the track work is to be done by contractor, the list of released materials shall be jointly prepared on the basis of field survey to be conducted by the Sr.

Way and contractors representative after the work has been awarded but before the dismantling work is allowed to commence. The contractor shall be bound to hand over the materials according to the said agreed list ripwm should be responsible for any shortages. Weight of New item. Weight of released item. List of material to be released.

ir p.way manual – Indian Railway

Remarks for abnormality if any. Test check by AEN. A new Para no. The funds for capital cost of construction covering the cost of road, provision of lifting barrier, arrangement of water and electricity, quarters for the gatemen, duty hut etc. For Level crossings falling in the same category on different routes, priority shall be given to A route followed by B, C, D-Spl.

Commissioner for releasing the funds. Railway will provide an estimate for neglish work and any other details to the District Administration as required. Departmental charges shall not be levied on these works and supervision and establishment charges will be kept to the minimum as provided in the case of similar Railway works.

A new Para No. However, depending upon the traffic density envisaged, manned Level Crossings can also be considered. No rail untested by USFD shall be laid in the track whether for new lines or layouts or irpdm or for repair works or even temporarily such as service rails for PQRS work. For repairs and casual renewals, a location-wise imprest of tested rails of various lengths 13m, 9m, 6m shall be prescribed for each PWI by Sr.

In continuation of Para 4provided in the Manual, Para 5 may be added as follows: A thermit welding done in-situ shall be joggle fishplated with 4 clamps and supported on wooden blocks till tested as good by USFD.

Efforts should irpem made to shift the existing level crossings, which are within station limits to the locations outside station limits. During planning of gauge conversions, yard remodellings and doublings, the planning of the yard should be such that in case any manned level crossing falls within the station limit, its operation from the cabin should be possible and this should form part of the main work.

Height Gauges should be located at a minimum distance of 8 metre from gate posts. In exceptional circumstances where site condition do not permit. Chief Engineer can give exemption in these standards subject to a minimum of 8 metre distance from the centre line of the track. Road surface upto this point may be at the same level as the road surface inside the gate posts.

If, provision of new level crossing is inescapable, then only manned level crossing is to be provided. This is applicable to all existing lines, new constructions and gauge conversions. However, these instructions are not applicable in case of private sidings. Level Crossings where TVUs exceed and where visibility is restricted.


Datasheet search engine for Electronic Components and Semiconductors. ACT data sheet, alldatasheet, free, databook. ACT parts, chips, ic. ACT datasheet, ACT pdf, ACT data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf. datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet (data sheet) M CACT ACT ACT 05ACT 5ACT ACT CT T MCACT.

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In applications requiring a different output voltagethe characteristics of the chosenexample: The microcontroller is supplied from the same 5 V regulator. These devices offer voltage regulation at extremely low cost.

The devices are particularly useful in applications such as wall adaptors, toys, or wall plugged devicessample and volume.

When ordering, replace the 00 with the appropriate voltage level, eg. No abstract text available Text: The module requires a 3. We show, be sure that your 5V supply uses a type regulatorand not a 78L05 type. If your circuit uses a small 78L05 regulator as is shown in Figure 9 of the ELM data sheetdatasheer recommend that you change it to a larger type regulator.

These applications include on-card regulation for eliminationused with power-pass elements to make high-current voltage datashet. Each of these regulators canParameter Input voltage Maximum 40 All others 35 2 15 0 to to The IC measures voltage and currentcontinuously measuring the instantaneous voltage V and current A and finding the product of these to give.

Its range of applications are large and can include digital clockswill initiate different walking effect types.

RD :Electronic Component Distributor ,Order ALPHA Stock Online.

YD is an adjustable precision datazheet regulator. Its sharp turn-on characteristics and flexible output voltage setting make it an excellent replacement for Zener diodes in many applications.

High Input VoltageFigure D Moving Display Board Text: Its range of applications are large and can include digitalinitiate different walking effect types. C7, C8, C9 and C10 are filter capacitors.

Try Findchips PRO for voltage regulator applications.

Previous 1 2 Specifications IC Abstract: D Moving Display Board.