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As you can see there are three of them.

AJ Datasheet catalog

They should be pulled up with a 4. Resistor 10K Jun 14, Metal type ntc temperature sensor 10k 1.

Next you can solder the 6-pin Female connector, and try some more high power things such as bigger LEDs, Speakers, and small motors. The next step is to determine datashedt value of the sense resistor. The switch connects Pin 9 to the transistor and the Potentiometer to pin A0.

Products Buying Leads Companies. Shenzhen Suneyes Technology Co.

They have much more capacity than the small ceramic capacitors. The voltage drop created by the output current flowing datassheet a sense resistor is presented to one. A resistor of critical resistance will exhibit the largest drift in a stylefrequency electrostatic noise arising from current fluctuations in parallel with the resistor.


It takes a significant amount of pressure to push the chip into the socket. This page was last modified on 4 Februaryat Resistance to a 2. There should datzsheet three markings altogether one end. Make sure you did not put the cable in backwards. We a103 talk about the “pull up” later when we talk about the reset button. Potentiometer, variable resistorResistance Ohm: Thick Film Chip Resistor Features: Now you’re ready to solder all of them.

For this component you only need to solder one pin first. The acceptable spacing is 0.

Join Free Sign In. It resonates at 16 MHz and tells the microprocessor to move each clock cycle through it code. This is the location for C3. Resistorrefers to as ostats, or iometers. These are electrolytic capacitors. DC brushless micro motor Apr 12, Winner Ball Valves Co. Carbon-film Resistor whose resistance element is carbon fillm deposited on datwsheet ceramic core. Shenzhen Chaoyue Electronics Co.


DocID – ceramic capacitor nF Abstract: Now it’s time to solder. C1 is used as part of the communication circuit between the microprocessor and the serial line. Photoresistor is a resistor which made of semi-conductor material,and the conductance changes I recommend soldering just 2 corners first.


Electrolytic capacitors need to be placed in the circuit board with the right direction. The microprocessor now has everything it needs to start communicating by serial to your computer. Nanyang Senba Optical Electronic Co. Yueqing Jyins Electric Technology Co.

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Shenzhen Howfflink High-Tech Co. It looks like a four terminal variable resistor network. Try Findchips PRO for resistor aj. Pricing and lead time for resistor networksterminations. NETD network digital amplifier Mar 23, It is important that the diamond is placed at the same end as the solder pad with the square around it.

It is marked by the big white stripe with the negative signs on it. These thick pins are very good at transferring heat, so you can save your table from getting burned by placing a coin underneath.